Interview Results 2017    

Samskrit has been the vehicle of our culture and thought from time immemorial. Samskrit is the fountainhead of the Dharma, Sanskriti and Darshan of the land that is Bharat. Culture and language go together, are inseparable. Hence, reviving Samskrit is rejuvenating our culture, rejuvenating our culture is reviving the Samskrit language. Other Indian languages are also cultural languages, but Samskrit is the common cultural language of the common man of India. Since other Indian languages are regional in nature, Samskrit is the Pan-Indian cultural language of India. Bringing Samskrit back to everyday life is bringing the vision of unity back to everyday life.

Samskrit language and literature is a great repository of knowledge encompassing every walk of life, be it science, technology, agriculture, arts, astronomy, architecture, medicine, metallurgy, mathematics, management, economics, ecology etc. In today's globalised economy and in the context of knowledge society, we need Samskrit more than ever before, to preserve our moorings, to bridge the ancient and the modern, to unravel the knowledge contained in the ancient texts, to protect our intellectual property rights, to explore new avenues of innovations and to lead Bharat into the forefront of the future Knowledge-driven-globe.