Samskrit for Specific Purpose Series - 1 :

Yoga is the gift of Indian Knowledge tradition to humanity. All texts of Yogashastra are in Samskrit ONLY. Samskrit Promotion Foundation announces the start of registration for this graded course on the 3rd International Yoga Day (21 June 2017).

Learn Samskrit - The Language of Yoga :

Samskrit for Yoga is presented in 4 parts. First part is Sambhashanam, Second is Grammar, Third is Exercises and the 4th is for Patanjali's Yogasutra.

Yoga and Samskritam go together:

One cannot study Yoga without Samskrit and vice-versa. SPF through this course wants to re-establish the lost connection.

Enjoy Patanjali-maharishi's work on your own:

The entire presentation is in Samskrit. Samskrit is taught through Samskrit only. Please enjoy studying Samskrit.