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Justice R.C.Lahoti

His Lordship was born at Guna (M.P) on 1.11.1940. His father Shri Ratan...More

Shri N. Gopalaswami

N. Gopalaswami, is a former Chief Election Commissioner of India...More

Shri Rama Jois

Shri M. Narasimha Jois was worn at Araga, Distt. Shimoga on 27 July...More

Shri Chamu Krishna Shastry

Chamu Krishna Shastry has played key role in revival of Samskrit. He is...More

Prof. V Kutumba Shastry

Prof. V Kutumba Shastry was Born on 12.08.1950 at the village...More

Shri S Gurumurthy

Sri S.Gurumurthy is a reputed Charted Accountant and is a Financial...More

Shri Shridev Sharma

Shridev Sharma is an entrepreneur and Sanskrit scholar. He has...More